Je veux habiter en France.


White "Shirt" (actually a dress) - Hand me down from my sister (OLD)
Floral Skirt - Hand me down from my sister
Belt - Thrifted

Shawn took these pictures of me this time! I never know what to do when I pose in front of the camera and Shawn is behind it, haha. I guess I just feel dumb standing there, but he likes doing it...I think. heheeh.
Blondi is the precious German Shepard in the last picture, and she is so adorable. It was difficult to get a decent picture without her in it! So we both posed together! I call it, "Shawn's Girls."
I'm enjoying the free time I have now before I start theatrical rehearsals. I'm also trying to post as much as I can because I know once rehearsals and my job picks up for the summer, it won't slow until the end of August... But maybe even later, because then classes start.. Oh boy. Busy life ahead of me. 
Thanks for being patient with me! 

Tuesday Tips: How to Have Hot Hair During the Summer

Everyone has problems with their hair during the summer; it's humid, hot, pool hair, dry hair, greasy hair, everything. Well I have a few tips for you so you can avoid all those irritating bad hair days, and feel free to look your best during the hot months!

Dear Blondes,
 My sister is a blonde, so I know the pain of having green hair after getting out of a pool. Want to learn how to fix it? Here's how!
  • Coconut Oil!
  •  If you use coconut oil in your hair and sit in the sun for a bit, it allows the green to just "slip off." It's a great fix, and we'll have to try it on my sister this summer!

Maintaining a Curl in such humid weather?
  • Super Ridiculously Tight Curls
  • Buy a curling iron with a barrel about the size of your finger, so that when you curl your hair and it falls because of the humidity, you'll end up with the perfect wave.

Dry hair from Chlorine or the beach?
  • Deep Conditioning
  • I don't know how else you can really hydrate your hair. I know there are a ton of hydrating shampoos like Garnier.

How to Naturally Get Highlights?
  • Being in the sun, in general, for days on end
  • Lemon juice! 
  • Lemon juice does a great job of lightening hair color, but it dries out hair. The reason it has a bleaching effect is because Lemon Juice actually removes the pigment in your hair making up your hair color. You can really only useit if you have light colored hair. It won't really work otherwise.

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Makeup Monday: Espresso in 5 Easy Steps

I used al natural eyeshadow colors for this look: browns, coppers, neutrals, mascara, and a little black eyeliner.

What I did:
  1. Apply a light natural shade of your skin color on the inner corner of the lid. 
  2. With the copper color and a thin eyeliner makeup brush, carefully apply to only he crease of the eyelid from the outer edge to 3/4ths of the eyelid.
  3. With a dark brown eyeshadow, gently brush the outer corner of the lid while occasionally brushing the color to half way of the lid for blending purposes.
  4. Take the thin eyeliner brush with the dark brown and sweep it under the eye, just over half way.
  5. With the eyeliner (preferably pencil) draw from the middle of the eyelid towards the outer edge, getting very slightly thicker. Also apply on waterline, but do only 1/3 of the waterline.

Hope you enjoy this coffee inspired look! Hahaha, I love neutrals!

Throwback Outfits: Winter Gems

The dress is the only thing I remember where I got it. This photo was taken in late 2011, I believe... I found a bunch of old photos that Kiersten took of me for a bunch of her photo projects! You'll probably see more because of that, ahhaa. I know it's wintery, but hey, if you live in a chilly or dark area where you don't get much sunshine this time of year, then I guess this is perfect :)

The Swankiest of All Days...PROM!


Every girl waits for this day!

The day of Prom was like having a meltdown...I should have known to be better prepared. My dress was beautiful and fit like a glove, but the hair..OH LORDY MY HAIR. I went to a hair dresser and I wanted retro waves like this:

But the woman wasn't all that familiar with this style and by the end of the salon trip, it was an utter mess. My hair was poofy, frizzy, and looked like I just took it out of a braid. So after going home to Keira crying, I pulled myself together, did my makeup, then Keira's, and tried to fix the mess on my head. It still wasn't exactly what I wanted, but I just dealt with it and went forward because I was already late for group photos. 

In the end, it was fine, because when Shawn saw me, he was starstruck, and that's really all I was going for. He kept saying how gorgeous I was and I was loving it, haha. What girl doesn't want to hear that?

now usually, wearing WHITE to PROM is a big no-no, because it resembles a bride. No one wants to be that wanna-be bride and go to prom in a white gown, however, when I first tried the gown on, I fell in love and couldn't give it up. It must be a new "in", because the majority of the fashionistas who were at pro wore white. Who knew it would be so popular among the people who were so in tune with fashion?

Here are some pictures of other beautiful girls who wore white!




Denim Jacket - Thrifted
Striped Shirt - Primark
Necklace - Primark
Black Tank Top - Available anywhere
Bracelets - Thrifted/ Gift from Shawn

Sorry I haven't posted in FOREVER. Much of my interesting wardrobe is winter/fall clothes. I'm a poor student so it's hard to buy things in season all at once. I recently went thrifting again though, so you'll see some of those cute outfits! I need to brainstorm for more of them, without being totally dull and boring. Thanks for still following me and checking up on me. <3 div="">

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Makeup Monday: Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older



Lets face it, we all have small twerks on our faces that are already making us look older, whether it's pulling you eyes to apply makeup and leaving some fresh wrinkles, or creases under your eye or anywhere else when applying makeup. Well today, I'll give you a few pointers on how to avoid makeup mistakes that actually make you look older.

No Blush
  • When we age, our skin naturally become more flushed. LOOK ALIVE, GIRL! Put some blush on to make those rosy cheeks shine!
Cakey Foundation
  • Don't make it seem like your desperate to hide something. Don't put too much foundation on, let some natural beauty come out.
Too Much Under Eye Concealer
  • Sometimes those dark circles are inevitable, but by putting too much concealer on, you're actually drawing more attention to it...Opps!
Dark Lipstick
  • I am a lover of dark lipstick, but unfortunately as we age, our lips become thinner and less full. The darker colors don't help, because dark colors make our mouths look even smaller! Get some bright and lively colors on those lips!
Eyeliner ALL Around The Eye
  • Because you're drawing more attention to your eyes, you are also drawing more attention to your crow's feet! The sharp lines of eyeliner bring our the crows feet. Also, (and I admit that I am guilty of this...BUT) avoid thick eyeliner on the top, because it just makes your eyes look heavy and tired.
Mascara on Bottom Lashes
  • You're in the clear for this one, ladies, as long as your under 30. When young and practically wrinkle free, mascara on the bottom lashed can make your eyes look larger! But as you age, it just makes your eyes look tired and droopy :c
  • Personally...I don't think anyone should have them...Enough said.