Prom Attire Update!

Okay, so of course, when Prom is here, I'll upload pictures from it, but until then, you only get sneak peeks at what I'm wearing!

Hollow Bib Necklace - Amazon

I'm trying gold accents! I know that the gold necklace and sandals seem very different shades, but the necklace will be more antique looking in person. Perfect, me thinks!
Also, last night was my last lacrosse game which we lost in reality, but we definitely won spiritually! We have become a family, and I'm so thankful for all the time I've had with these girls. I especially will miss my coachy-poo! I love her, and she has truly been a key ingredient to  my success. I will keep you posted on my prom attire, but for now, I will go sulk in my sadness of graduating and leaving my lax ladies.