Flower Power


Belt - Thrifted
Necklace - WNY Spiral Dance Vendor
Watch - Mom's jewelry Box
everyone else's outfits - MY CLOSET! (hehe)

So today was super super fun! I love these girls. They are by far my best friends. The weather has been so incredibly nice that we just had to go on a picnic! But of course, before we did that, they raided my closet! AHH! haha, I have enough clothes to spare, but my lovely ladies will be sporting some "Kelsey's Closet" apparel soon, hehe. Not my idea, more like Anna's. We took so many goofy pictures so I tried to put the nicest ones on this blog so we didn't seem to weird. Of course, you've probably already seen a good amount of my strange personality, hence the "biting a flower" picture when we were goofing around. ahaha, sorry for not blogging as much as usual! Life can get in the way sometimes.


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