Water in the Streets


Blouse (Old) - New York & Company
Sweater - Mom's Closet

First off I just want to say this is one of my best friends, Keira (Kee-ra)! She is the funniest person everrr, except  for me. When I don't have to take pictures all by my lonesome, Keira is one of the few people I call up! She is such a sweetie, and probably the most sarcastic person I'll ever know. I had her take a bunch of pictures of a ton of different outfits so that I don't have to the next few days. This was after lacrosse practice, and yes she is on the team. Poor baby did this for me with a sprained knee. Some girl at our game yesterday did a number on Keira. Oh well, she'll heal. 
If you want to know details about the outfit, I don't have many. I am wearing my favorite socks again, though! The sweater usually went down to mid thigh, but mom accidently put it in the dryer and it's wool. Opps! That's all I have for now. Enjoy your April Showers!