Tuesday Tips: Your Tanning Options and a Few Pointers


Tanning is not for everyone, and I believe in avoiding the sun all together. Besides being too pale to actually obtain color, I think it’s damaging, time consuming, and uncomfortable. However, if you are like many girls out there and enjoy tanning, then I have a few pointers for you!

  • Your safest bet if you want a "tan" and are looking to do that without any harmful UV rays is with self tanner. I know that doing this can go wrong in a lot of ways including being stained orange, or streaking. Make sure you have someone to help you with self tanner if you choose to do this! Also, there are now lotions on the market that will gradually tan your skin more each time it is applied for the most natural look.
    • Self Tanning Tips:
      • Exfoliated before you apply the tanner! Look for dry spots on your skin (especially the elbows and knees). Dry skin types darken faster and deeper than other skin types.
      • Hydrate your skin first! This is so vital if you want an even tan. Why? Because Self tanner will seep deeper into the skin on dry areas, and will be darker and last longer. You don't want to look funky, so don't forget to hydrate!
      • Be conscious of which areas would get sun exposure. Tanning should look natural. Avoid your palms, the soles of your feet, between your fingers, and your underarms! Also use the tanner sparingly around your hairline. If it’s too thick you will look like you’re wearing a tan mask!
    • I've heard from the internet, magazines, and a few other sources that Adonia Bronzing Glow Self Tanner is by far the best out there, with great results. If you're in doubt about self tanning and what products work, then do some research and read reviews!

  • Now, if you can't avoid the natural tanning abilities of the sun, I just ask that you remember this one thing...Wear sunscreen! 
    • Yes, it will slow the tanning process down, but honestly ask yourself...would you rather have a dry/burned looking tan after a few days in the sun, or a more even and healthier looking tan with hydrated skin after 2 weeks in the sun? I'm not saying that it literally only takes 2 weeks because obviously it depends on the skin type.
    • Wear sunscreen with SPF 30 or more, because honestly, SPF 15 won't do anything. A high SPF will tan your skin more evenly with less burning. But because of this, your tan will be deep and last longer!

  • And of course, we have the famous tanning salons! If this is your choice, be sure to find out information about the equipment used and the potential long-term damage to your skin. 
    • Tanning, in general, can dry up skin and if used in moderation can help clear up acne by drying it up.
    • Be careful with tanning too much and becoming addicted to tanning salons. We have seasons for a reason. We shouldn't be exposed to the sun all year round, the way that we are in summer. 
    • Think of the future you. As humans we are always looking to be better and better. That's why you're reasing this right now, because you want to have a "better tan. If you want to avoid some serious wrinkles then tan in moderation. If not, you won't believe the kind of damage it does. Not only in looks, but skin becomes very dry and unhealthy. 

Overall, I'm not a tanning person. I know all of this, because at one point in my life I was desperate for a tan. I started getting wrinkles around my eyes when I was 14(ish), and realized the harms of it. I know that tans are attractive and nice to have, but just remember to be precautious an BE CAREFUL!

Think about long term effects, and don't be reckless!