Tuesday Tips: Spring/Summer Makeup

Yes, believe it or not, even make up has trends. It makes sense, because when you think of warm weather, you think of light makeup and when you think of cold, usually thicker and bolder makeup comes to mind. Well...maybe that's just me. Well anyway, according to the runway of many famous designers, there are 3 major types of makeup that seem to be popular this summer and spring season. Don't worry, they aren't crazy looks that involve jewels or insane runway makeup that covers about 2/3 of your face. So, what are they?

1. Metallics
2. Nude
3. Swinging 60s Swagger

Don't worry, I will elaborate!
First off, lets look at the metallics




Top Left:         Chanel Spring/ Summer Line 2013
Top Right:       Chanel Spring/ Summer Line 2013
Lower Left:     Chanel Spring/ Summer Line 2013
Lower Right:   Versace Spring/Summer Line 2013

Of course you don't have to wear eyeshadow as bold as these models do, but if you like to be loud with your fashion, go ahead and take the risk! You can mix and match this kind of grungy and cold makeup with you black and white outfits you have collected to epand your spring wardrobe!




Top Left:                           Versace Spring/ Summer 2013
Top Right:                     Rick Owens Spring/ Summer 2013
Bottom Left:     Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2013
Bottom Right:                Rick Owens Spring/ Summer 2013

Now is the time to let your natural beauty shine! With the help of a little concealer, tinted moisturizer, and some finishing powder, you'll be good to go and have a great natural look. This is a great light and airy feel to skin which keeps you looking fresh and naturally radiant!

Swinging 60s Swagger    



Top Left:           Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013
Top Right:           Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2013
Bottom Left:            Moschino Spring/Summer 2013
Bottom Right:    Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013

So what do all these makeup looks have in common you may ask? Well take a closer look. They involve bold eyebrows, big eyelashed, and one heck of a lined eye! Basically the rule "LESS IS MORE" doesn't apply here. Considering that 60s clothes are in this summer and spring season, it only makes sense that the makeup matches to complete these fantastic looks!

Hope these tips helped a bit!