Tuesday Tips: Preserving Pale Complection

Okay, so in today's society, we all know that tan skin is a very attractive sight. I'm not saying tan skin isn't classy, but pale skin is more CLASSIC. In Medieval times up into the Edwardian period, pale skin was one of the most attractive and beautiful features a woman could have. Part of the reason was because wealthy people could afford to stay inside, away from the sun and lounge in their estates instead of working for a living in the sun. Tan skin used to be a sign of low social status. In fact, fair skin was so desires that women used to fake paleness by using leeches  or slashing one of their veins and draining the blood. Crazy, right??

So, back to the main point. You want to preserve your fair complection!? OK! Well here are a few ways!

  • Staying out of the sun!
    • This is a little obvious, and difficult, especially since summertime is on it's way, BUT it is possible! It is also a good idea to wear layers until you absolutely don't have to. This is so there isn't as much skin exposed to the sun. One last thing, SUNSCREEN!!

  • Wash, moisturize, and exfoliate!
    • When you wash your face, you rub off dead skin cells. Yes it's sounds gross, but it happens. When you moisturize,your skin feels encouraged to create new skin cells, which are slightly more pale the the layer of skin cells from before.

  • Whitening Cream
    • If you're desperate to preserve or lighten your skin than it is worth the investment. Obagi Nu-Derm is probably THE best cream for this job, out there. It smoothes your skin, clears your complection, moisturizes, and lightens color.

  • Lemons, anyone?
    • Squeezing lemon juice on parts of the body about 3x a day will pale you right up! It's a more natural way to lighten skin. The citrus in lemons is also good for removing stains! hehe!

  • Potatoes, too!?
    • Yes! Potatoes have bleaching substances in them that can help get rid of blemishes and lighten you up! You can apply raw pieces of potatoes to your face, or make it into a paste and wash it off AFTER 15 minutes. If you do this for about 2 weeks, you'll have great results!

I hoped all my fair friends enjoyed this Tuesday Tip!
I love my pale skin, and even though at times I wish I could just tan. Thats just what comes with beign a ginger. We have two types of skin color...I like to call them Vampire, or Lobster.