Tuesday Tips: How to Make Hair Grow Faster & Protect It From Damage

Hey all! 
Okay, so I know for a fact that most girls want longer and more healthy looking hair. Well lucky for you, I have a few pointers! Yes, I've done a ton of research on this topic, and yes, I've tried these methods so I know they work. So, here they are, and I hope you can use my experience and knowledge to your benefit.

Okay, so you can't really make your hair grow dramatically faster; it's scientifically proven. But all good things take time, so be patient with these methods, because they actually do work! (Unlike those fake "serums" that you're spending way to much money on.)

The average person's hair grows about half an inch a month (12.5 mm), so expect it to grow even more with my tips!

  • Take Vitamins
    • Vitamin E is the most important vitamin that your hair and nails need to grow faster. Just go to a nutrition store (which are pretty common) and buy a bottle of vitamins. Take them daily and you'll notice a difference in how fast your hair grows.
  • Massage Your Scalp
    • This can be weird to do in public, haha! But you have more opportunities than you think to do this. It's really just about remembering to do it. You want to massage your scalp from the base of the neck and all along your hair line moving upward. Why? Because when you massage any area on your body, the blood flow increases. With this increased blood flow, it helps hair grow faster and nourishes it more for healthy and long hair.
    • "When can I do this?"
        • If you do this everyday (or every other day) in the shower for about 5+ minutes when you're lathering your hair, it will definitely show after a couple weeks.
        • GIVE IT TIME. Everything takes time!
  • Wash Hair With Raw Egg Yolks! (Especially read if you have dry hair!)
    • I know this sounds crazy, but it actually makes your hair shinier and more healthy looking. The protein in eggs makes hair stronger and preventing breakage. When your hair breaks, that's when you have to keep cutting it. So if you just keep your hair healthy and strong then you have no worries about getting those common trims.
    • What I've done (because my hair gets greasy fairly easily) is I will wash my hair normally with shampoo, rinse it all out, lather in the raw egg yolk, and leave in for about 5 minutes without getting it wet. Then, rinse out and I'm not sure if conditioning after the egg is the best idea. I've never tried that.
    • EGG YOLK ONLY. Why? Because if you're like me and you like super hot showers, then the white (clear) part around the yolk will actually cook. Yes, it's happened to me. Kinda really gross. So the egg white is a no, no!
    • I won't lie, you're hair will smell after the first or second time you wash your hair with a yolk. Sorry. It's the only negative to helping your hair get healthy.
  • Wash Hair With Mayonaise!
    • This is basically the same as the yolk. So refer back to that if you want to try this out. I personally haven't tried this, but friends have and it works wonders.
  • Use Heat Resistant Spray
    • Yes it exists, but you may have to go somewhere like KMart, Walmart, or other larger stores to buy it. I use Nexxus, but there are a ton of brands to choose from.
    • It is a little more costly that what I personally like to spend on hair products ( it's about $12-$19) but I'm telling you it's worth the investment, because it has saved my hair from frying! I used to straighten my hair everyday without the spray, but since I bought it, I have noticed my hair grow faster because it isn't so damaged.
  • Don't Wash Out Your Hairs Natural Oils
    • People tend to shower daily (I'm not complaining), but constantly washing hair can deprive your hair of natural oils it needs. These oils keep your hair healthy by keeping it moisturized. If you're taking that away by cleaning it every single day, then your hair will become dry and it will split/break. try washing it only 3 times a week.