The Birth of a Fashion Blogger

Hello, friends!

Okay so obviously the lack of posts shows that I'm new at this! Today my horoscope said I would be super creative and look at that...I made a fashion blog! So those of you who would like to follow it or just check it hopefully on a regular basis should know something. The types of outfits and clothes I wear can be so dramatically different. My mood typically changes  from season to season. Not understanding what I mean? Okay, kinda like... In the fall I have a super grungy type of look, and in the spring it's just complete cutesy goody two shoes look. Occasionally you might see pictures of my personal life like my mom, or boyfriend. UH, thats just me. I also have an instagram which isn't so much about fashion, but more like my life in pictures. My username for that is also KelseytheDig ! :D Why Kelsey "the Dig" you ask? Well it's because I read a fantastic novel by the name of the Thirteenth Tale and one of the characters was John-the-dig. I thought it was pretty hip even though it was the nickname of an old guy. Hey, what are you gonna do? Well I just wanted to open up this site with a friendly hello, because afterall, I am a pretty friendly person! Well, there will soon be more to come! Stay tuned!