Spring/Summer Trend Alphabet

Hello, once again!

Here I am to update you on Spring trends! Just in case you didn't get enough. No worries, I can take it back to the alphabet days to make it a little more exciting to read.

A - Ankle Straps
  • Whether it's heels or sandals, these are great for Spring and Summer shoes
B- Bermuda Shorts
  • Now I know that Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch are selling these, but EVERYWHERE else is! If you don't want to spend a fortune on a pair, then snag them cheap at stores likes Sears, or JCPenny!
C- Crop Tops
  • Now if you have a body like mine, crop tops might not necessarily be the thing for you. But if you do have the body for them, then they can be great tops! Just make sure they aren't TOO short. You want to leave something to the imagination!
D- Drawstring
  • Now I guess this seemed a bit obvious, but drawstring shorts are a great lounge wear, especially in the summer! You could also buy a nice shirt with drawstrings on the sides to pull just the right places.
E- Evening Sheer
  • The age of sheer and see through is not yet over! So make sure you include it in your night time wear and not just your day time outfit. A sheer black can add sophistication and mystery to a girl to make her all the more sexy!
F - Futuristic Heels
  •  By this, I mean metallic and bright! With the wrong outfit, they can be very tacky, but with this right one, they can look very sexy. Be careful with these though, they can be somewhat of a risk! Make sure you know what you will wear with these babies before investing a good buck in them!
G- Graphics
  • Graphics are basically and all year round deal, but you can add a little more of a statement by sticking to this season's main trends. Black and white patterns, bold floral prints, or even bright geometric shapes to satisfy that '60s retro vibe!
H- Hardware Accessories
  • You probably read this and though, "What???" Well let me explain! Studs were a very hot trend in the winter (and still slightly are) but now they are being transformed into thick bracelets. Thick bands that resemble nails, screws, and have studs add a little edge to your glamour!
I- Iridescent
  • "Kelsey, what is...iridescent?" Well, they are luminous colors that change color depending on the angle. These can be a great summer trend, but be careful pursuing it in the spring. Iridescent is a very loud statement in texture as well as color, and Spring focuses more on loud colors and patterns.
J- Jacquard
  • I adore Jacquard, but just recently learned what the word for this trend was. I can't exactly describe it, so I've provided a picture. It is a very classy trend that is both appropriate for spring and summer.
K- Keyhole
  • The keyhole in (or slit of fabric removed from) clothing is a very cute a flirty addition to all the fresh ideas for the spring/summer season. It can be both elegant and sexy depending on how it is presented. Just remember, it's all about the attitude! (And the accessories).
L- Laser Cut
  • Laser cut has been a very popular thing with celebrities, but is becoming more of a commercial trend with sheer lining. Since black and white is a thing this spring, there is no reason why you can't rock this look!
M- Mini Bags
  • SQUARE bags are a total must have! Besides geometric shapes being a thing with the 60s retro trend, these square bags can work with basically any and every outfit. More organic concepts, like the "boho" style might not use the square bag, but for everything else, this is the perfect accessory!
N- Netting
  • Netting was a big thing during the winter, but is still a hit in the spring season. Netting doesn't necessarily have to be dark colors, but maybe something fitting the spring color trend. Try a nice and airy netted cape, or just a netted/knitted sweater over your summer outfit!
O- Orange/Open Back
  • I couldn't decide which was more important, so I'll just blurb about both. Orange is a big big big thing. Almost every store I go to is selling a lot of orange. So if there is anything you shoudl put of your checklist, it's something orange!
  • Open Backs are timeless, BUT watch out for whether the back is completely open, or it's just a cut out of something. You don't want to look to "Junior" if you don't have to. Some short dresses with a heart cut out may seem cute on the rack, but when on, you might look an additional 4 years younger.
P- Plunging Neckline
  • Now, some girls are more fortunate than others when it comes to size. In this case, we want to keep it classy. So for girls with a smaller build, by all means, take the plunge and make a statement with your wardrobe! But girls who are a little more built, be careful, because you still want to leave some to the imagination. Cleveage is a very powerful weapon for both smaller and bigger women. Use it, don't abuse it!
Q- Quaint
  • The best thing I could think of was the word "quaint" Quaint skirts, quaint shirts, and mysteriously flirty clothes. 
R- Ruffles
  • A flirty and cute way to top off an adorable outfit! These girly and timeless textures are always fun and alive. So appropriate for summer and spring!
S- Sandals
  • The weather is getting warmer and it is time again to break out the sandals! I personally love gladiator sandals. 
T- Tailored
  • Tailored clothing to fit your shape and add that extra "bang" is a fabulous way to wear layers. It doesn't give you the appearance of being chunky. A nice blouse or blazer with some lighter articles of clothing are a great way to spruce up this season's trends.
U- Uniform
  • Uniform looks, like military, or even school, are an ongoing fad. The uniform look has been circling for a while in the fashion world, but never loses it's flair as long as you can find a way to change it up and keep it fresh. Try accessories that circle around this season's hottest topics and you'll have no problem dominating this look.
  • Like always, these are in styles are in all year round. V-necks are especially easy to find anywhere and everywhere and are a great basic necessity to any outfit. 
  • Vest, vests, vests! Where do I start? Long vests, short vests, crocheted, knitted, or traditionally sewn.  Vests never lose their style and can satisfy any look from a crocheted "boho"vest, to a floral and frilled flirty vest. These hot items can easily be found, so go and add one to your spring/summer wardrobe!
W- White/Black
  • Now Black and white are a package deal this spring. You can hardly have one with out the other with this upcoming trend. Patterns are essential with black and white, considering there is no color. So choose wisely and don't be afraid to make a statement!
X- X-ray
  • X-ray fabric is typically black and it is a mix between sheer and see through. This will be a great find once spring hits, so make sure to snatch one up online or in stores. They go great with almost everything!
Y- Yellow
  • Yellow, Yellow, Yellow. Such a bright and fun color. Pastel yellow (mint, and coral) are the hottest colors on the spring market right now, and no matter where you go, you're sure to find them. Just remember, when wearing pastels, don't be afraid to accessorize with bold colors!
Z- ZigZags
  • Especially remember this pattern when shopping for black/white and retro 60s looks! Patterns make a loud statement and show off a girl's confidence. Don't be shy about this bold look, just rock it like I know you can!