Personable Blurb


Boy, my day was eventful! Woke up, blogged some, then Shawn came over and we made some legit Belgian waffles! Oh, they were soooo good. It was the first real Belgian waffle I had ever had! The we played with his German Shepard Blondi for a bit. What a cutie! Probably the best adventure of today was an unexpected visit from my cousin and her daughter, Ariel. She is the little cutie holding the "I <3 ARIEL" sign. I wrote it, and yes it looks like a 12 year old boys handwriting. Haha, I wrote it upside down. Might watch a scary movie later, with Shawn. I love those... haha I'm a creep. Well I think I'm addicted to blogging, because I've made probably 3 posts today. New addiction? Yes... Guilty as charged. 
Maybe I'll be able to stay away for the rest of tonight! We'll see ;)