Makeup Monday: The Usual

Okay so I know that the first few pictures are a bit scary, but unfortunately that is what a lot of girls look like when they wake up. Min you that first picture was taken literally 20 minutes after I woke up this morning. So basically this is a tutorial on my everyday look! The very first thing I do after moisturising my face is I apply primer. I never thought that primer was a necessity until I bought it. Then my mind was blown. Primer fills your pores and make skin appear smoother. I was a little unsure at first because I didn't want it to cause even more breaking out, but actually it's helped prevent it! ANYWAY, you put the primer on. Then you apply your normal foundation and all that fun stuff. If you have light eyebrows, or for some reason you just can't pluck them correctly (like me) then you might want to draw in your eyebrows! 

IMPORTANT: You don't want your eyebrows to look like rainbows or just like small caterpillars. To avoid these problems, like up your eyebrow pencil with the corner of your mouth and at its perpendicular angle, you should draw the edge of your eyebrow. You also line it up from the corner of your mouth and a diagonal angle that passes the outer edge of your eye and ta da! That's the length of your eyebrow! 

I typically curl my eyelashes after I draw my eyebrows on, but you can save that for later if you want. Time for highlights! For your convenience, I have a picture of places where you should highlight. I personally never feel like spending $30 on a single piece of makeup, so I use my concealer for this part. ahah! After you place the highlights, blend them in so they look natural! Apply a "smokey eye" style of eye shadow with your preferred color. Mine is a coppery brown! I wear a wing on my eyes everyday but that takes a lot of practice for those who are just trying this. The wing is my favorite part! Put on mascara, and lipstick! (My second favorite part) and you are good to go! 
I know you may be thinking that it's a lot on the face, but actually it doesn't feel or look very cakey unless you wear a ton of bronzer for contouring the face. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my very first Makeup Monday!