Makeup Monday: Boho Gold

Helloooo, fellows!
Or ladies.. I just like to rhyme. Sorry for posting so late on a Monday night. To be honest, I woke up at 2:30 pm and forgot I had to do this! I must still be in vacation mode, haha.
So this look involves metallic shades like copper and gold and a shade that best blends with your skin tone. 

1.) EYES- Apply copper color at each corner of the eye and blend only a bit into the middle.
2.) Dab gold for the majority or coverage on each eyelid. Make it the boldest in the center and just blend it into the copper near the edges.
3.) With the color that best matches your skin tone, blend right under eyebrow.
4.) With a dark shade of eyeliner on the top of the eyelid, draw a line as close to eyelashes as possible. Only start halfway and draw in the direction away from the center of your face. Make it bold at the outer corner of your eye, by making it slightly thicker than the rest of your eyeliner.
5.) Apply mascara.
6.) Continue applying the regular contours and highlights of your face but with lighter tones to look more natural.
7.) Use a light colored lipstick to look natural and even out the face.

And there is your boho gold look!