Makeup Monday: 50 Shades of Purple


1.) Use a white base and cover entire lid

2.) With a light pinkish/purple color and a small brush, line the crease of your eyelid

3.) With a darker shade of purple, places brush in the outer corner of your eye and brush back and forth trying to only cover 1/3 of the eyelid and slowly and gently apply less and less pressure as you approach the center of the eyelid. The Stop!

4.) Apply Mascara and all that jazz, and you have some beautiful and colorfully purple eyelids!

I had to take these pictures super quickly, sorry about that!! I had such a busy day today, I missed school and everything! Opps! Haha! It gets so busy around travel time! So much to do, it's ridiculous. Well, today I went to Francesca's  and exchanged that (unfortunately) too tight dress for a better fitting minty green one. It's very pretty,but nothing can replace the feeling I had when i saw that other dress. Sigh.. Well, anyway, Shawn love love loves the smell they have in the Francesca's they have near my area, so I found out what it was and it was a candle! So I surprised him, bought it, and I'm going to give it to him later when he stops by. Hehe!