Happy Birthday!


Cardigan - Target
Boots - Old (Don't Remember)

Today, I am 18! Finally!!  Well technically at 10:29 tonight I will be 18. So today, school wasn't all that amazing, until I discovered that Shawn put a present in my locker and it was this beautiful dress that I'm modelling in these pictures. Unfortunately (and you wouldn't be able to tell) but this dress will have to go back to the store :c

My bust is too big for it and it didn't completely zip up in the back, oh well. Maybe I will find this dress in a larger size because I love love love it. 
I ate ice cream cake (my favorite) with my family and Shawn. But because my older and better half is in college, we skyped with her and it was a good time. I got money for my Disney World trip which is coming up!
5 more days!!

Well, thanks for all the birthday wishes!