Grungy Picks

Sweater - Thrifted
"NYC" T-Shirt - NYC Vendors
Skirt - Some Shop in England
Boots - Kmart
 - Thrifted/ Small Shop in England

I'm not the best at photography, but I deal with what I am able to do. 
I love grungy things, and it's typically my style during the fall season. However, I missed it a little bit, and so I've decided to throw this together for your viewing pleasure! I might actually wear this tomorrow, die to cold weather and the fact that this sweater could keep an Eskimo warm, ahah! Sorry for the lack of "modeling" I don't know if that is necessarily a bad thing. I had a lot going on today. In fact, it seems like I always have a lot on my plate. Well, time for me to rush to the next thing on my schedule!