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Makeup Monday: A Midsummer Night's Dream

My weekend was full of Shakespeare! I'm not complaining, I love Shakespeare! I was asked to help to hair and makeup for my high school's play, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and took the offer as fast as I could!  Some other assisted in makeup, don't worry it wasn't all me. However, I did the fairies on the second night. I have a mix of photos from both nights so I can't exactly point out which makeup is mine without being ridiculously elaborate. Well anyway, I hope you enjoy these fun theatrical makeup looks! I always wanted to be a costume designer... Photo credit goes half to me and half to another fellow Fashion Blogger, Vanessa!

Grungy Picks

Sweater - Thrifted "NYC" T-Shirt - NYC Vendors Skirt - Some Shop in England Boots - Kmart Jewelry - Thrifted/ Small Shop in England
I'm not the best at photography, but I deal with what I am able to do.  I love grungy things, and it's typically my style during the fall season. However, I missed it a little bit, and so I've decided to throw this together for your viewing pleasure! I might actually wear this tomorrow, die to cold weather and the fact that this sweater could keep an Eskimo warm, ahah! Sorry for the lack of "modeling" I don't know if that is necessarily a bad thing. I had a lot going on today. In fact, it seems like I always have a lot on my plate. Well, time for me to rush to the next thing on my schedule!

Tuesday Tips: Spring/Summer Makeup

Yes, believe it or not, even make up has trends. It makes sense, because when you think of warm weather, you think of light makeup and when you think of cold, usually thicker and bolder makeup comes to mind. Well...maybe that's just me. Well anyway, according to the runway of many famous designers, there are 3 major types of makeup that seem to be popular this summer and spring season. Don't worry, they aren't crazy looks that involve jewels or insane runway makeup that covers about 2/3 of your face. So, what are they?
1. Metallics 2. Nude 3. Swinging 60s Swagger
Don't worry, I will elaborate! First off, lets look at the metallics


Top Left:         Chanel Spring/ Summer Line 2013 Top Right:       Chanel Spring/ Summer Line 2013 Lower Left:     Chanel Spring/ Summer Line 2013 Lower Right:   Versace Spring/Summer Line 2013
Of course you don't have to wear eyeshadow as bold as these models do, but if you like to be loud with your fashion, go ahead and take the risk! Yo…

Makeup Monday: Boho Gold

Helloooo, fellows! Or ladies.. I just like to rhyme. Sorry for posting so late on a Monday night. To be honest, I woke up at 2:30 pm and forgot I had to do this! I must still be in vacation mode, haha. So this look involves metallic shades like copper and gold and a shade that best blends with your skin tone. 

1.) EYES- Apply copper color at each corner of the eye and blend only a bit into the middle. 2.) Dab gold for the majority or coverage on each eyelid. Make it the boldest in the center and just blend it into the copper near the edges. 3.) With the color that best matches your skin tone, blend right under eyebrow. 4.) With a dark shade of eyeliner on the top of the eyelid, draw a line as close to eyelashes as possible. Only start halfway and draw in the direction away from the center of your face. Make it bold at the outer corner of your eye, by making it slightly thicker than the rest of your eyeliner. 5.) Apply mascara. 6.) Continue applying the regular contours and highlights of your …

My week on instagram

This is basically a recap of my trip to Disney World! I met Princess Ariel, which was the highlight of my life so far! hahahah,seriously. I was having a panic attack.. She said she liked my bag, so obviously she thinks I have good style! hahaha, I felt like a weirdo, because I was in line to meet her with a bunch of toddlers and little kids, and then there is me. Anyway, this trip was full of memories that will never leave me. I'm so glad I got to go!


Sorry for not posting! I'm on my Senior Trip at Disney!!

Tuesday Tips: Your Tanning Options and a Few Pointers

Tanning is not for everyone, and I believe in avoiding the sun all together. Besides being too pale to actually obtain color, I think it’s damaging, time consuming, and uncomfortable. However, if you are like many girls out there and enjoy tanning, then I have a few pointers for you!
Your safest bet if you want a "tan" and are looking to do that without any harmful UV rays is with self tanner. I know that doing this can go wrong in a lot of ways including being stained orange, or streaking. Make sure you have someone to help you with self tanner if you choose to do this! Also, there are now lotions on the market that will gradually tan your skin more each time it is applied for the most natural look.Self Tanning Tips:Exfoliated before you apply the tanner! Look for dry spots on your skin (especially the elbows and knees). Dry skin types darken faster and deeper than other skin types.Hydrate your skin first! This is so vital if you want an even tan. Why? Because Self tanner wi…

Oh, Pooh!

Outfit Details: Dress - (Only available in stores at...) Francesca's Belt - Thrifted Earrings - Local Art Show Necklace - Gift from a friend<3 i=""> Lipstick - Revlon Flats - Target
All my life I've been a pretty conscious spender, and I usually prefer quantity over quality. However, today I went to the mall with my mom to exchange the dress Shawn got me that didn't fit, for this one! I don't like it as much, but I'm a bigger girl so not everything in there fit me..Awk. Anyway, today I was looking for a crossbody bag for something more than $15 and I actually wanted something with a label for once in my life. Well, mom wasn't too fond of this idea, so I had to settle with a $20 bright yellow bag. It's cute, but since I started dating Shawn, I can actually notice a difference in brands and it's bothering me! I never used to be materialistic, but I can't help but want the nest now that I finally see the difference. Ugh. I'm a typically wh…